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We’re still in the early innings when it comes to getting influencer incentives right — and figuring out what exactly the model should be to not only encourage high-quality posting, but doing so on an ongoing regular basis.

Tapping into this market of 50 million creators is now top of mind for many social media platforms.

Everyone from Facebook, YouTube, Square, Linktree, Pinterest, Clubhouse, Snap, to TikTok all now have Creator Funds — with the largest funds topping out at $1 Billion for this initial freshman effort.

That said, how can we help the Joseph Melles of the world (see Learn More Here below), who used to make a living off of Snap by posting as many as 100 videos per day as a creator, now leverage not just Snap but other platforms by repurposing, reformatting, and reposting the same posts.

The dope idea here is to create a system of public record around influencer incentives.

Basically, creators helping creators, by contributing to this public record by sharing the details of their influencer incentive payout as they are getting paid.

Shared details could include:

Platform: TikTok, Facebook, Snap, etc.

Format of Post: Video, Audio, Meme, etc.

Length: 10+ mins, 15 secs, etc.

Product Category: Makeup, Recipes, Entertainment, etc.

Payment Details: Total Comp, Cash, Crypto, etc.

In sharing this information, creators would have at their fingertips an immediate understanding of what on average a platform is currently compensating influencers for. And from there be able to decide on where to post.

This helps creators on a number of different levels and provides them with the needed details to make informed decisions around things like platform strategy, content strategy, potential collaborations, revenue forecasting, and more.

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